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Earrings by ResinateNZ – The Christine Rankin Collection

This collection is dedicated to Christine Rankin who is bold, brave and beautiful. 

Christine says:
Bold, brave and beautiful earrings signal a time when I was under siege for a situation completely out of my control.
The government at the time was condemning me because I wore big earrings and what they described as ‘short’ skirts. 
But I knew my value, From a domestic purposes beneficiary to CEO of Work and Income there was no way I would give in to my unjust treatment. 
I knew what I had achieved for both my staff and my customers. 
No one was going to break me because I didn’t met the public service ethic of dowdy, drab and dull.
I choose brave, bold and beautiful any day!
I am honoured that ResinateNZ has designed this collection in honour of me.
To me, these earrings make a statement about bravery, boldness and beauty.
Please wear them with the pride, strength and joy that they deserve.
– Christine Rankin