Creativity: The key to authentic learning



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Creativity: The key to authentic learning

No one disputes the importance of the relationship between numbers in Math or the relationships between letters of the alphabet in English. And everyone understands the need for professional development in the workplace . It’s the same for personal development. Yet exploration of human behaviour, creative execution of human emotion and development of relationships within our world and how we negotiate them is questioned for validity. It is these fundamental learnings and knowledge that creativity provides.

It is ironic that we fight for justification of the arts and specifically Drama and Theatre studies as forms of serious education and life-long learning because, once unpacked, we discover that Drama and Theatre skills are at the heartbeat of all we do.

Monica wants the world to understand that to lead successful, meaningful and happy lives we need to fully understand our relationship with ourselves, others and the environment. It is through Drama and Theatre Studies that we can most successfully develop and foster these relationships. These fundamental understandings lead people to be able to make the right decisions and fully understand the concept of perspective.

It’s intrinsic, it’s inherent, it’s innate in us all.