Have you got what it takes?

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About 4-5 years ago we were entering a country after an international flight and during the processing we observed a young guy being interrogated about not having a passport. We were perplexed at how he got on the flight in the first place. He was doing a very good job of ‘not understanding English’ and we suspected it was part of his ruse.
While we had no idea what his story was, one thing we realised is that he must have been determined to get on that plane.

His desire certainly outweighed the law, the logistics or the probability. 

So what can we learn?

This guy was doing all he could to get what he wanted.  

Are you? I certainly do not encourage people to break the law but I could see his determination and it got me thinking about  but how most of use have our own barriers in place that stop us from getting what we want.

I like to  call these self imposed roadblocks and other terms are self sabotage, limiting beliefs or fear of the unknown.

We hear so often stories of people who have always ‘wanted to’ but never did. Their talk has no substance because they prescribe to the library of excuses and this library ensures that they will have plenty of reasons not to do anything.


Are you determined to get what you want?
Have you made a start?
 Do you have a plan?
What are you going to do daily, weekly, monthly to achieve?
Are you eliminating all roadblocks? (without breaking the law!)




What you do everyday is what you become.  It
 is the words that you say and the stories that you tell yourself that influence your actions. Those actions become who you are and align your desires with reality

So what are you doing?

Master Your Mindset