DELIVERY through Proactive Communication

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“The words that you use and the stories that you tell WILL change the results within your organisation” 

– Monica Moore

Learn to DELIVER through Proactive Communication to:

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Who Is Monica Moore?

My Raw and Real Showreel

Are you using many words yet your point is not coming across?
Is proactive communication your favoured style of communication? 

Learning the art of proactive communication will save you time. Learning the art of proactive communication will turn your organisation into an efficient positive work place; one where productivity goes through the roof and client base increases exponentially through recommendability. Who doesn’t want that?

That is the power of Proactive Communication

What Is Proactive Communication?




My proactive communication work drives positive outcomes.
Who doesn't want that? - Monica Moore

What Do You Need?

monica moore empowerment

Understanding Communication

Communication can make or break relationships; whether it be with clients or within your organisation. Yet how much time has your organisation spent on perfecting proactive communication style that fosters commonality and success. This is what my brand of proactive communication is.
monia moore communication

Proactive Communication

Proactive communication is solution based. I have developed a set of powerful resources that will tailored to your organisation’s vision, mission, purpose and values. Imagine eliminating time spent on decision making, on conflict resolution, on developing new ideas, on team efficiency.
I am here to help you achieve this.
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Leadership And Guidance

Proactive communication leads to organisational commonality. Commonality is what brings the vision, mission, purpose and values of your organistion to life. It will help you attract clients and creates recommendability.

Work With Me


Through my years of working in theatre, I understand character.

It’s character and faith in that character and skills learned to support your character that will get you to where you want to be.

Fervent faith in yourself and develop extraordinary energy underpin a strong character.

If you are looking for a pathway to success please contact me for a 20 minute complimentary discussion to discover if we align.


My 2024 Proactive Comunication workshops cover :

‘Problem solving through
the 5 POPs for positive outcomes’

‘From conflict to commonality’
‘ Validation and Trust through proactive communication’

‘Collaborative stakeholder partnership development’
‘Innovation in action’

My workshops can be customised to your organisation’s specific needs.

Professional Speaker

My Keynotes, presentations and workshops have been delivered to thousands around the world over the last five years.

I am experienced in delivering both live and virtual events to audiences from the corporate, education and women’s empowerment arenas.
Monica is very knowledgeable and passionate in her area of expertise. Her delivery is  witty and insightful.
I recommend her as a Speaker”

Catherine Rivers , Auckland


Monica is a dynamic communicator who engages sensitively
with any group she is working with; from where they are
walking alongside them to where they want to be.
Philip Mahoney
General Manager, Auckland


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