You Can Always Be Well-er

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Julia Grace

Julia Grace knows a lot about wellness. She’s experienced being mentally unwell, very well, and is on a personal journey of what she calls being ‘well-er’

Merging her university study around mental health with her own experiences, she has come up with a practical process for when people don’t feel mentally well.

“When you are in a state of mental unwellness it is difficult to comprehend or remember what it is like to be ‘well’ therefore making it impossible to know what to do,” she says.

This led Julia to develop unique resources; a personal pack of tools to use when one experiences what Julia calls the ‘Wobbly Point’.

She explains it, “You’ve gone through the build-up of going downhill and now you are ‘there’ at the ‘Wobbly Point’ where everything feels impossible and unmanageable. “

Having a pack on hand to help through the ‘Wobbly Point’ means that you don’t have to think about what to do, open the pack and follow your own instructions, instructions that you’ve already put in place when you were feeling well.

Julia stresses the importance of sharing the pack with a buddy if you feel that you would not be able to go through the process yourself. Choosing someone you can fully trust and will be ‘there’ is imperative.

“In today’s world where mental health is more openly discussed, people are reaching out earlier to deal with overwhelm and this is a very good thing,” she says.

Essentially having a pack of tools for the ‘Wobbly Points’ is as important and should be as normal as having a first aid kit for physical injuries.

Julia hopes that organisations and individuals alike will reach out and have something in place around wellbeing that is practical and works in the first instance when people are feeling overwhelmed and can take some immediate actions, avoiding the slippery slope to something more serious.

Julia’s story of her own slippery slope was the inspiration behind her work today.

“As I lay on my kitchen floor in tears of overwhelm and depression it came to me to write a song.”

This is not as left-field as it seems. Julia is a Tui award-winning singer-songwriter and has toured the world as a singer.

“After some time I discovered that many end up where I was and these numbers are far more than we acknowledge or even know about. As a result of my experiences I developed a pack of tools to help work through those ‘Wobbly Points’. I certainly wish I’d had something like this on hand when I was going through my own experiences.”

Julia is part of a brand ‘Organised Chaos’ comprising of herself, Christine Rankin and me.

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