Equanimity – My Inspirational word!

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Equanimity is to approach situations with calmness and composure. Equanimity does not ignore our emotions, but helps us to keep them working for us.

In fact equanimity honours our emotions.

Not everyone deserves your emotional response, so you should not be sharing it with just anyone! You wouldn’t let just anyone borrow your designer dress and your emotions are far more important and valuable – yet many of us share them around willy-nilly to just about anyone and everyone! Makes sense? Of course it does! And get this: I have learned to treat people the way I chooseto treat them, thanks to equanimity. It’s been a delicious and totally empowering experience deploying equanimity.

My relationships with key people (and even with those who are not so key) have improved dramatically as a result. Equanimity gives us more power over our emotions, as it creates an evenness of mind, even under stress. 

Each time I say this word I feel an emphasis on the ‘qu’ and imagine myself saying it like a sophisticated french woman. My maiden name was Doré – so I channel the ‘Monique Doré’ deep within me!

I’m striving for equanimity and recommend you think about it to.

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