I am thrilled to be collaborating with two FABULOUS women, Julia Grace and Christine Rankin with
a keynote and workshop NEWLY named Organised Chaos.
Both women are accomplished speakers in their own right.
Collectively we have a wonderful synergy that is guaranteed to elevate and inspire YOU.

We are delighted to invite YOU along to our inaugural event – details below!

Why Organised Chaos?
The Chaos Theory is a scientific theory (look it up) and within the apparent randomness of the complex systems that we live within, there are underlying patterns, interconnectedness, and constant feedback loops back to those complex systems.

With 7.7 billion people, all differently gifted, with an array of core desires all trying to cohabitate on this planet we should expect chaos.

We’ve put together our own brand of organisation to get from ‘here to there’, through the chaos.

Drawing on our own experiences, expertise, wisdom, and mistakes it is our intention to inspire you to develop your own unique brand of ‘Organised Chaos’.

Our lives are essentially unpredictable. We can make some sense by ‘doing the numbers’ looking at the percentages and having a foundational plan to get from ‘here to there’ with strength and joy.


Our inaugural event is on the 6th of August at a charity luncheon for businesswomen at the Remuera Golf Club in Auckland.
We’ve each taken the word Chaos and made our own individual acronym to get you thinking and share some great tips!
Come and hear MORE at this awesome event.
Mike Pero has joined with Dress For Success to host this event and help the organisation that assists women returning to the workforce. Whittle down your wardrobe and bring along an outfit or two to help women dress for success!

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/…/inspirational-women-in…