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Real Estate Agents

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Written Testimonials

“Monica is a dynamic communicator who engages sensitively with any group she is facilitating, working from where they are at and walks alongside them.”

Philip Mahoney – Manager Auckland

“Monica is a dynamic presenter. I thoroughly recommend.”

Sheryll Wylie Gore Dinner Club

“Monica is an energetic speaker and MC with a fantastic sense of humour. The audience always love her. While she is dedicated to be the best, she is also kind and a brilliant networker.”

Elizabeth Strauss Viljoen

“Real, relatable and believably brilliant. Monica captures people’s hearts and minds. You feel empowered and ready to take on the day and your life with a different spin on your thinking. Positive impact and delicious decisions for all!”

Rochelle Sheldon, Business Owner

“Monica is very knowledgeable and passionate in her area of expertise. Her delivery is well planned, witty and insightful. I recommend her as a presenter.”

Catherine Rivers Principal Primary School Auckland

“Monica more than met our expectations.”

Brendan Bergin Auckland

“Monica was able to engage the audience completely with her decision making techniques. I can highly recommend her to any audience.”

Linda Smalley North Shore Hospital Volunteers and Donors

“Monica exhibits a high degree of professionalism and is an excellent teacher of teachers’.”

Colin McLeod Director NCRS Wellington

“Monica is a breath of fresh air, bubbles galore.”

Christine Livingston West Otago

“Monica’s presentation to our staff over 3 1/2 hours was engaging and grounded. The emphasis on where teenagers are ‘at’ was timely and realistic.”

Carol Coddington Principal Auckland

“Monica presented to our staff, Year 11’s and Year 13’s. We have booked her to return next year” – Rosanna Fouhy Carmel College

Rosanna Fouhy Carmel College