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Empathy and human connection can be found everywhere and often when you don’t expect it.

Around seven years ago we made the decision to move house.

We liked our house but we wanted more room outdoors and a view of the sea.

We found the perfect house. My husband attended the auction and we were the top bidders but the vendors decided they wanted more money. We decided that if no one else was buying then we wouldn’t buy the house either.

The lovely real estate agent that we were working with worked very hard to find us a house that was just as good.

She listened to us and watched us talking as we looked around houses.

She said to us ‘I shouldn’t be telling you this but I’ve seen a house and I’ve contacted the owner. Its a private sale but I think it’s the right house for you.’

She was right.

She got no commission from the purchase of that house but she was very happy that she’d helped us find the house that we were happy in.

Ann had made the ‘Delicious Decision’ to find the right house for us despite not receiving commission.