The Problem with the Problem

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The Problem with the Problem Recently we had to make a difficult decision, to return to the small town that I came from or to stay in the city. This…

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MAKE that decision

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MAKE that decision Photo Credit: Jon Tyson Unsplash It is very easy to fall into the trap of every decision becoming a difficult one. "Should I have peanut butter or…

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Stop before every action

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Stop before every action photo credit: Jose Aragones Unsplash A GREAT way to improve your decision making powers: Stop before each action you take and say "This is a great…

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Make a Decision to make a Decision

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Make a Decision to make a Decision Photo Credit: Rob Schreckhise Unsplash Yes! That's right! As soon as you have the courage to make a decision to make a decision…

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Strip it all off!

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Strip it all off! The world is speeding up! There’s so much going on leading to endless decisions!! The flip-side of the availability of ‘everything’ at our fingertips is the…

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Do you value ‘the learning’?

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Do you value 'the learning'? Everyday on average we make 35,000 decisions and many of those decisions will have an effect on our life outcomes. So what do we do…

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Change the Narrative

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Change the Narrative We all get ‘stuck’ and make excuses from our well crafted reasons for why we don’t have the courage to take care of ourselves. Watch this and…

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