You Can Always Be Well-er

Julia Grace Julia Grace knows a lot about wellness. She's experienced being mentally unwell, very well, and is on a personal journey of what she calls being 'well-er' Merging her…

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Organising the Chaos

    FROM ‘HERE TO THERE’ THROUGH INNOVATION Memo:      “Regarding the way we’ve always done things.                     This will now be disregarded” Pre-pandemic…

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Have you got what it takes?

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StoryAbout 4-5 years ago we were entering a country after an international flight and during the processing we observed a young guy being interrogated about not having a passport. We…

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Rocking Lockdown

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“It’s in those small moments that we find our revelation, our creativity, our next step”– Monica Moore ‘Buy the Damn Dress’ Kate’s Moment Early into lockdown in New Zealand, Kate…

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The Power of Your Words

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The words that we say “Mind your speech a little lest you should mar your fortunes.”William Shakespeare – ‘Hamlet’ Your words can bring great wins – or cost you greatly. Words…

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Equanimity – My Inspirational word!

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Equanimity is to approach situations with calmness and composure. Equanimity does not ignore our emotions, but helps us to keep them working for us. In fact equanimity honours our emotions.…

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