The Power of Your Words

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The words that we say

“Mind your speech a little lest you should mar your fortunes.”
William Shakespeare – ‘Hamlet’

Your words can bring great wins – or cost you greatly. 
Words have the power to hijack your thoughts and feelings, determining whether experiences are negative – or the opposite.

Just like tools, words craft outcomes.You need to be a master of your tools. Spend time in word therapy!


1. The words that you speak, think and write have a profound impact on your life outcomes and those around you. So much so that words can make or break your relationships, your business, your reality.

2. Choose your words carefully. Think about what you’re thinking about and how you’re expressing yourself. Become an editor and an expert!


Words are immensely powerful. They frame and influence our thoughts. Those thoughts become our reality. The combinations of the 26 letters of our alphabet have so much power over you. 

The words that we say and which are said to us can impact positively or negatively on our self-perception. They evoke and provoke emotional responses that have huge power over our behaviours and life outcomes. 


Your choice of words affect not only you, but also have a ripple effect on those around you. Your words make a statement about you and can label you, for example: ‘calm and collected’ or ‘reckless and reactive.’ What do you want to be labeled as, as a result of your words?

Furthermore you are causing an emotional impact on others by creating unnecessary stress and tension or elevating people (emotionally not literally) resulting in empowerment.
Are you limiting or creating positivity with the words that you say?

In the business world, everyone is looking for what I like to call ‘recommend-ability’ (made up word by Monica – you are welcome). Being pleasant and polite isn’t enough. You need to find words which help you to stand out. We all want the ability to be recommended and words give us that power!

I have chosen to give my ongoing business to a particular person who is a self-employed sole trader. Her service is available from many different places, but the reason why I go to her is due to some words that she said to me a few years ago, which made her STAND OUT.

The first time I met her I asked the obligatory ‘How are you?’. It was her response to this simple greeting which prompted me to eliminate any of her competitors.

So what did she say?  

Her response of  “I’m fantastic! I’m doing what I love and creating lots of opportunities to make my customers happy!” was unusual and unexpected. Her positivity was contagious but when I initially heard this, it jarred with me because it was so different. I was expecting the usual answer of  ‘Good, thanks’ and it rattled me. I tried to dislike her perky exuberance (purely to make myself feel better!), but her words came across as sincere and authentic. She gave a sense of confidence and authority that she knew what she was doing. Very quickly she became ‘number one’ in her field, in my estimation, eliminating her competitors and I became one of her regular customers.  Her words were powerful and aligned. She meant what she was saying. I have continued to work with her over the years and my initial impression of her has proven to be correct. Win win!

What words are you using?
How are they influencing others?
Are you reaching your goals with the words that you use?

If you knew how powerful negative words were, you’d never have them again!

Do you feed or diminish negative experiences with the words that you use and stories that you tell?

Practice being aware of the words that you are using.

Certain words spoken at certain times to certain people have a huge impact.
 Put some (or lots!) of thought into your words. 

Furthermore – and just as importantly –  the words that you associate with and link to your experiences, past and present, will shape your future. This can happen consciously or subconsciously.  Consciously choosing your words will springboard you to experience having the  ‘best day ever’, on a daily basis.

Be smart and use words that empower both yourself and others.