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Photo Credit Sylvie Tittle

One day I came home from school where I worked as a teacher with a very strong feeling that I should leave. This feeling was triggered by a minor incident but it I could equate it to the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back. There had been a sequence of ‘I should leave’ town feelings going on within me for some time.

I jumped online to look for another teaching position. I didn’t care where or what, because I was overcome by my feelings.

The first job I saw fitted my subjects perfectly so I emailed the Principal. I felt calmer and got on with the rest of the day.

To my surprise I got a response to that email asking for my CV.

I had calmed down but something told me to apply, it would be a good experience. I didn’t have a CV so I made a booklet entitled ‘Why I should have this job’. It was fun. I added in cartoon pictures that looked a bit like a busy teacher with 3 kids of her own. I included my experience and detailed why I’d be a good fit. I sent it off. It was cathartic.

A few days later I got a phone call from the Principal asking me to fly up for an interview. THAT was a surprise. I went. It was fun getting dressed up and flying up and back to almost the other end of the country in one day. On the plane I thought I might try a few other job applications because I might get some more free travel.

I got to have a look at the city because the airport was some distance from the school.

I was very relaxed in the interview and spoke my truth because I had nothing to lose and actually getting the job was far from my mind.

I got the job.

The hurdles from there on in were quickly solved and mostly by external influences. I was supposed to move. We moved. It worked. It was only supposed to be a for a year but that was twelve years ago at the time of writing this.

I knew that the move would be an experience we’d all benefit from. I had rented my house out for a year and rented a lovely one near the sea with a swimming pool and within walking distance of work. I had the most wonderful flatmates, a young couple who couldn’t have been more perfect if I’d designed them myself!

I knew that if we needed to come back we could. The job was only for a year so if it lead to something else then great, if not then that would be ok too.

I certinaly employed the 3Drivers for making these decisions and I dived into each driver many times mostly at 3am!

My knowledge about what I was doing aligned with my gut feeling and although there was a LOT of fear, I worked through it. So I took action, moving a long way with my kids for an adventure.

And what an adventure it’s been. This was certainly a ‘Delicious Decision’ and aligned with the 3 Drivers.