Unwrap the Fear

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Unwrap the Fear

I love this picture. It says it all. Time to unwrap…change your thinking….it takes time so get started!

To be authentically true to yourself you need to take risks and push yourself to do what you know is ‘right’ for yourself.

It is too easy to hide within conformity and not ‘live’.

Having been through quite a few change processes I know that I need time and talking and thinking and listening and sometimes that good friend (usually my wonderful husband) to push me in the right direction.

All the stories about Tall Poppy Syndrome and being ‘the talk of the town’ when you do something that is out of the ‘ordinary’ or not expected are true. It IS hard but only IF you let other people pass judgement and influence your future.

All they are is ‘other people’. Their opinions will only influence you if you let them.

You hold the power, you really do. It’s scary, it’s exciting….be your authentic self!

So if you want to be that teacher, drain layer, singer, dancer, athlete then YOU must!

Work hard, think and reflect, re-evaluate, change and move on.

You are a wonderful work in progress!