Your Relationship with ‘You’

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Your Relationship with ‘You’

It can be extraordinarily hard to ‘fit’ into the way of the world and it can literally feel like you are carrying yourself around like a large gift that you simply know you should have but have no idea what to do with.

Many young people feel like that and it’s something I can identify with for the first 1-3 decades of my life. (and a few periods of time since then!)

But here’s ‘the thing’. The invisible laws that dictate who is cool in school and acceptable in life are not ‘actual’ laws. They are odd laws, laws that no one really understands how they evolved, but they are there.

For some, the laws work for them but for many they don’t.

This is can be bad for both sides. Some go on to be very disappointed with the way of the world and others become disconcertingly surprised as they discover that there is a place for them and they learn to thrive.

Life is forever changing and so are we. The one tool that should be cultivated and held onto through the bumpy parts of life is self-worth and self-belief.

Remember you are one of one – one heck of a unique gift!

Operate from your ‘self worth’ channel and you will THRIVE