The Gift of YOU

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The Gift of YOU

EVERY right you have comes with a responsibility. Own the responsibility and life is GREAT!

NEVER before in the history of the world and never again in the future will someone identical to you exist! THAT is daunting. Wow – when you consider all the people, you really are incredible!

You are NOT one of 7.7billion people, you are one of one! Statistically, that makes you a gift!

Take care of the gift of you

Oddly due to our human nature and/or experiences many of us can sabotage the gift that is ourselves.

  • We put ourselves down before other people do.
  • We have remembered an event or experiences of our childhood where were not valued and we’ve gone on to ‘live’ like that as adults.
  • We ‘play it safe’ doing what we think is best rather than allowing ourselves to have what we truly want.