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Perspective Photo credit Benny Jackson on Unsplash There's my perspective and our perspective and then the world's perspective. The word perspective is how we 'see' a situation based on our…

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Vibe So how are you 'showing up' to the rest of the world. The world is 'visual' and we are influenced by what we see. The level of effort that…

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Energy You are part of nature. Just as there's power and energy in nature there's power and energy in you! We all know the complainers who can never quite get…

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Triumph I met the most beautiful elderly lady recently. She was pushing an old pram and delivering pamphlets. She was concentrating on getting up a hill as fast as she…

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The Gift of YOU

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The Gift of YOU EVERY right you have comes with a responsibility. Own the responsibility and life is GREAT! NEVER before in the history of the world and never again…

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