Change the Narrative

Change the Narrative We all get ‘stuck’ and make excuses from our well crafted reasons for why we don’t have the courage to take care of ourselves. Watch this and LEARN that we can do more than we think And sometimes.... the answers are more obvious than we think! It's…

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Unwrap the Fear

Unwrap the Fear I love this picture. It says it all. Time to unwrap…change your thinking….it takes time so get started! To be authentically true to yourself you need to take risks and push yourself to do what you know is ‘right’ for yourself. It is too easy to hide…

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Stinking Thinking

Stinking Thinking Photo Credit: Fragata Nguyen Unsplash “Oh, I couldn’t do that.” “I’ve always wanted to but..” “I’m not good enough” “What would people think??” "I can think of so many people who are better than me so why should I?" On and on it goes! I know this thinking…

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Overcoming 'When we are able to strive through our trials that is when we learn to thrive' The feeling of overcoming an experience that we found difficult is difficult to describe in words - it's even more than 'delicious'. Having something to strive for or work through builds an inner…

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Suffering 'Emotional pain is where we find strength and learning' It's also to be acknowledged and we need to give ourselves time to heal. Then when we're ready we can move on. We must move on. We will move on or the painful experience will own us.

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Failure 'It is through our relationship with failure that we find the key to success’ Failure can be a great teacher or a roadblock. It is your choice to decide what it is. My failures used to be the biggest part of my life and they got to dictate my…

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Decide not to give up

Decide not to give up I was teaching a senior class at the beginning of the year when a young man told me that he was going to fail everything because he was 'dumb'. We had a conversation and I said to him 'What if I promised that you will…

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