Moving Photo Credit Sylvie Tittle One day I came home from school where I worked as a teacher with a very strong feeling that I should leave. This feeling was triggered by a minor incident but it I could equate it to the proverbial straw breaking the camel's back. There…

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Ann Lepper


Empathy Empathy and human connection can be found everywhere and often when you don't expect it. Around seven years ago we made the decision to move house. We liked our house but we wanted more room outdoors and a view of the sea. We found the perfect house. My husband…

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Your Relationship with ‘You’

Your Relationship with 'You' It can be extraordinarily hard to 'fit' into the way of the world and it can literally feel like you are carrying yourself around like a large gift that you simply know you should have but have no idea what to do with. Many young people…

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Design by Natalie McPherson


Relationships We are in relationship with ourselves, others and the environment. We are the common denominator in all our relationships. If something isn't going well within yourself others and the general environment that you live in; work, home; friends then perhaps it's time to discover what's going wrong. When we…

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Expectations We all have expectations within the relationships that we have. Whether the relationships are personal, professional or community there is always expectation. Being able to explore, identify, share and negotiate expectations can reduce conflict and in some cases avoid it entirely. Before you go into a serious relationship where…

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Perspective Photo credit Benny Jackson on Unsplash There's my perspective and our perspective and then the world's perspective. The word perspective is how we 'see' a situation based on our own knowledge, feelings and experience. If you have a spare 20 minutes watch this clip, it has a very clear…

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Vibe So how are you 'showing up' to the rest of the world. The world is 'visual' and we are influenced by what we see. The level of effort that you invest in presenting yourself to the world will have an impact. You have approximately 7 seconds to make a…

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